Boom! - Safety Tips for Fourth of July

Fourth of July is when the most pets are lost out of any other day of the year. Make sure that their identification is up-to-date. Microchipping is a good option for permanent identification. It is helpful to have an updated picture of your pet in case they get lost.

Please leave your pets home this holiday or whenever fireworks are present. It may be tempting to bring a dog to an event, especially puppies, but this is not the time to socialize them. The busy crowds and loud noises can become overwhelming and cause more harm than good.

Potty your dog well before it gets dark and give them something to chew such as a food filled frozen kong or treat dispensing toy.

As for cats, make sure that the house is secured. Double check that all windows are closed so that your cat doesn’t panic and jump out of the screen. Be cautious about entering and exiting doors to outside, if your cat becomes spooked they may enter flight mode and do anything that they can to run from the noise. If you have an indoor/outdoor cat, please keep them indoors only for this holiday. It is recommended that they stay inside 24 hours before and after 4th of July.

Don’t force your cat to interact with you, allow them to retreat to a safe hiding spot. Hiding is a much better option than fleeing when they are panicked. Playing white noise or calming music (classical or jazz) can help drown out some of the noise.

If they have a treat ball, snuffle mat, or other treat dispensing toy, offer this to your cat. Interactive play may be beneficial as well (if they are hiding, allow them to be alone.) This may provide a good distraction from the scary sounds.

Calming products can provide some relief to cats who are affected by the noise. Feliway is a brand of calming pheromones. This product comes in a safe collar, a spray, and diffuser forms. Other options for calming aids include Rescue Remedy and Richard’s Organics Pet Calm. If your cat has a serious phobia of noises, a prescription from your veterinarian may be necessary.



If your cat is afraid of noises such as fireworks, thunder, the doorbell or other noises in the environment, feel free to contact us about how to desensitize them to the noise. Our protocol helps to make the scary noise into a positive experience.