When the Stars Aligned


The stars aligned one night when dog trainer, Tori Peterson and her family went for a drive on a rural road after recently moving across the country. They saw an orange blur cross the road and stopped to investigate. The orange blur turned out to be a tiny kitten in rough shape. Tori carefully tossed treats to the kitten who was hiding in the grass. Luckily, the kitten was interested and allowed them to pick her up. They brought her home, cleaned her wounds, and gave her a warm place to sleep. She quickly won a spot in their hearts and home and was named Peach, because she was just peachy despite her condition and proved to be incredibly resilient and charming. While recovering from her wounds and gaining the much needed weight, Tori taught Peach tricks to keep her busy. Peach turned out to be an eager participant and would wait in the training area until it was time to work. She earned her Expert Trick Cat title in six months, becoming the first cat to achieve this.

Peach showed Tori that cats love to learn too! Her enthusiasm for training keeps her busy, out of trouble, and has created a special bond with Tori. In the meantime, Tori tracked Peach’s progress through an Instagram page. Our amazing Instagram and Facebook friends were interested in learning more about training. 

The idea of Space Cat Academy was conceived one night when a friend asked Tori how she clips Peach’s nails. She immediately went to work on a written guide, but it quickly grew into something bigger. The written guide soon became a presentation, which then transformed into an online course. 

Space Cat Academy serves as a resource for cat guardians who want their cats to live their lives to the fullest. We offer cat guardians a flexible learning experience through articles, online classes, special online events, and one-on-one video sessions to discuss specific needs.

Many hours were poured into developing practical and intuitive curricula on topics ranging from cat care to behavior modification. Positive reinforcement is the foundation of the Space Cat Academy philosophy. Deeply rooted in the modern scientific advances in animal behavior and cognition, Space Cat Academy offers effective techniques and methods to easily become any cat’s best friend.