Why Doesn't My Cat Let Me Clip Their Nails?


Unusual Experience and equipment

In many cases, these cats were not socialized to having their nails clipped, thus making it a foreign experience. There are many components that are not a part of everyday life.

Cats may be intimidated by the clippers, dislike the sound, or may have had their nails clipped too short and bled. All of these items and actions are unusual, especially if their nails are not clipped on a regular schedule.


Cats don’t want to sit long enough to have their nails done, so usually a guardian or a helper usually holds the cat to prevent them from leaving the session. For an animal like a cat who is considered prey by other animals, they become uncomfortable being restrained. Then, when we add the clippers and the sound it becomes scary.


It can be a challenge to clip a cat’s nails that doesn’t want them done. They may scratch or wiggle their way out of your arms as you try to do a nail which can make it nerve wracking trying not to clip the nail too short.

This builds our anxiety and stress when the cat is not cooperating. Unfortunately, our cats pick up on our stress and become anxious themselves. So, it’s important to stay calm when clipping their nails. Although that is where it becomes challenging…

What to do

Short sessions

Create a regular schedule of short sessions. The sessions may one be a minute long. You may only get to one or two nails a day, but if you keep up with it on a daily basis, then you won’t need to do long stressful nail clipping sessions with your cat.

Different equipment

You can also try different equipment with your cat, especially if they have had a bad experience. Try small cat nail clippers instead of the large dog ones, they can be less intimidating to the cat.

Cooperative care

Nail clipping can be really challenging to do when the cat doesn’t want to participate. We offer a program that helps build your cat’s confidence and overcome their fear of nail clipping.

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