Why Does My Cat Trill?



If your household is like mine, you are greeted with a cat talking, or trilling up a storm. The trill is characterized by its light, pleasant tone typically rising in pitch. It can take different forms, but some common sounds are brrrrrrt, brrrupp, chirrup, or mrrrroow.

This sound differs from the traditional meow because when cats meow their mouth is open and when the trill or chirp their mouth is closed. Cats will meow for both positive and negative reasons, but trilling seems to always be positive.

Cats do this as a friendly, welcoming greeting when you come home or when they want your attention. Don't be concerned if your cat doesn't trill as some are more vocal than others. Less vocal cats may rub up against you to greet rather than singing the song of their people. 


This behavior is common among cats, especially mother cats who use trills and chirps to get their kittens attention. You may also hear your cat trill when they want your attention, whether it is petting or some treats. Mother cats also use trilling to get their kittens to follow them. You may notice that your cat trills and looks back at you and repeats this process. Your cat is soliciting you to follow them, many times to the treat container or training area.