Possibly The Best Cat Toy Ever?

I’ve heard great things about the Original Cat Dancer. It is known for being irresistible to cats, even the ones that don’t play! So when I saw The Original Cat Dancer in a basket at the counter, I had to see for myself. It was only $2.39 at our favorite cat store, MadCat. How could I pass it up?

I opened the package to a metal wire with a few pieces of rolled cardboard strung on the ends. Seemingly unassuming, I was initially skeptical of its effectiveness. However, I soon found out that the wire emulates the erratic movement of a bug. The wire makes the rolled cardboard ends bounce and swing around in an extremely enticing manner.

That is when the toy came to life. Peach could not resist chasing, jumping, and swatting at this toy. The best part is that it keeps her engaged for a while! The erratic motions keep her coming back for more. She goes from from running along the ground to jumping straight in the air to capture the prey—the wily rolled cardboard! Even Niki, our dog who isn’t usually phased by many toys, especially cat toys, chased it!

The Original Cat Dancer moves on it’s own as the wire is very flexible. The company offers a Deluxe version of their toy that allows you to mount it to a wall. This toy requires minimal effort on your part and keeps your cat coming back for more! If your cat damages the cardboard pieces, you can easily replace the toy or likely even make your own cardboard pieces for the ends. This toy should be a staple in every cat lovers home.

Bottom line: there are flashier, more expensive options on the market, but possibly none more simple, but effective as the Original Cat Dancer.

Where can you find this toy?

The Cat Dancer

The Cat Dancer Deluxe (Wall Mount)

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