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Possibly The Best Cat Toy Ever?

I’ve heard great things about the Original Cat Dancer. It is known for being irresistible to cats, even the ones that don’t play! So when I saw The Original Cat Dancer in a basket at the counter, I had to see for myself. It was only $2.39 at our favorite cat store, MadCat. How could I pass it up?

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Keeping Your Raw Fed Cat Busy

When cats are bored, they try to find their own fun. There are different ways to combat feline boredom. The cat’s undesirable behaviors can help you choose which type enrichment they need. Many of the enrichment products and techniques are catered towards kibble fed cats, so I will be giving tips for how to swap out processed foods and treats for more natural options.

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Product Review: Apollo Peak MosCATo Cat Wine

Peach’s Tasting Notes: A classic Colorado MosCATo from the get go, the Apollo Peak MosCATo offers a lively nose filled with catnip. The palate doesn't stray too far from the initial aromatic impression, bringing more catnip along with sweet herb taste together with well-honed playfulness and remarkable balance. Apollo Peak MosCATo is always a crowd-pleaser!

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