The Gift Your Cat Has Been Waiting For

The holidays are a busy time of giving and spending time with family. It’s a busy time of the year which involves running around trying to prepare for the festivities. This time of year tends to be filled with presents of all types. There are tons of items on the market for cats. Everything from robot litter boxes to laser pointers. Many of these products that make our lives easier when it comes to cats. It’s easy to be swooned by all of the flashy gadgets and toys for cats.

But is this really what your cat wants this holiday season?

Cats have a reputation for being aloof with their people. They are the “easy” pet who doesn’t require a lot of work, walking, or attention. The media portrays cats as only wanting their basic needs met, including a never ending supply of food. While cats do enjoy a good meal time, there is much more to them than that.

We have cats completely wrong.

You may even think your cat is trying out for a local production as the Grinch with their mischievous destructive antics or sour attitude.... but the truth is that your cat requires a lot more attention and interaction than they usually receive. This boredom manifests into behavioral problems that can be avoided with the best present of this year.

Give your cat the gift they really want this holiday season.

The present your cat really wants this year, above any toy or gadget is you. Your attention. Play with them. Cuddle with them. Train them.

Whatever way they like to receive attention, give it to them! Take a moment, even just 10 minutes out of your busy schedule and just appreciate them and be present. Being present in your cat’s life is worth much more than any gadget. The more cuddles, play, or training that your cat receives makes them less likely to find their own fun by knocking over the holiday decorations and stealing food off of the table.

Happy Holidays from Space Cat Academy!