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Have You Seen This New Viral Video?

Scrolling through Facebook, it doesn’t take long before you stumble upon a video featuring someone holding their cat up and having them “dance” to music, where someone is trying to get a reaction out of their cat if they poke them or say something in a different voice, scaring pets intentionally, or even all the videos of cucumbers behind cats.

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Sleek, Modern, Vertical Cat Enrichment

As you all know by now, I cannot get enough of fun enrichment ideas for cats! In this article, I’m presenting an awesome idea for vertical spaces for cats. Before I get ahead of myself, I will let our guest do the talking! We interviewed Aaron Feldman, CEO and lead designer of CatScapes. This company providing a new way to make the most out of cat shelving installations. Here’s what Aaron had to say!

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Keeping Your Raw Fed Cat Busy

When cats are bored, they try to find their own fun. There are different ways to combat feline boredom. The cat’s undesirable behaviors can help you choose which type enrichment they need. Many of the enrichment products and techniques are catered towards kibble fed cats, so I will be giving tips for how to swap out processed foods and treats for more natural options.

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The Gift Your Cat Has Been Waiting For

The holidays are a busy time of giving and spending time with family. It’s a busy time of the year which involves running around trying to prepare for the festivities. This time of year tends to be filled with presents of all types. There are tons of items on the market for cats. Everything from robot litter boxes to laser pointers. Many of these products that make our lives easier when it comes to cats. It’s easy to be swooned by all of the flashy gadgets and toys for cats. But is this really what your cat wants this holiday season?

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Is Training a Cat Easier Than Herding Them?

It is considered normal, if not required to train a new puppy or dog. Obedience classes, private sessions, dog sports, and help with behavioral problems are all common services for dogs. A quick google search will reveal plenty of results of dog trainers in your area.

So, why isn’t this the case with cats?

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The Power of Purring

There is something incredibly soothing about a cat curled up in a cozy spot, basking in a sunbeam, purring. If you agree with this statement, then you aren’t the only one!It is thought that a purring cat means that they are happy, but there are other reasons as well. Cats also purr when they are stressed as a self-soothing mechanism, to heal, and to communicate.

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