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The Gift Your Cat Has Been Waiting For

The holidays are a busy time of giving and spending time with family. It’s a busy time of the year which involves running around trying to prepare for the festivities. This time of year tends to be filled with presents of all types. There are tons of items on the market for cats. Everything from robot litter boxes to laser pointers. Many of these products that make our lives easier when it comes to cats. It’s easy to be swooned by all of the flashy gadgets and toys for cats. But is this really what your cat wants this holiday season?

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The Power of Purring

There is something incredibly soothing about a cat curled up in a cozy spot, basking in a sunbeam, purring. If you agree with this statement, then you aren’t the only one!It is thought that a purring cat means that they are happy, but there are other reasons as well. Cats also purr when they are stressed as a self-soothing mechanism, to heal, and to communicate.

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SOS! Emergency Preparedness for Cats

Nobody plans to have an emergency, but everyone should plan for emergencies. This is especially true if a cat is part of your family. Cats can be difficult to deal with in crisis scenarios, so you should do your best to prepare for the worst. Here are several steps that you can take to give your cat the best chance possible to stay safe and sound in the event of an emergency.

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