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The Cat Who Cried for Help

Cats that avoid the litter box are much more likely to be relinquished to shelters or dumped on the street. Many of these cats are abandoned as the first option because cat guardians don’t realize how simple it can be to solve these issues. If a cat is avoiding their litter box, it’s not spite, it’s stress.

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Have You Seen This New Viral Video?

Scrolling through Facebook, it doesn’t take long before you stumble upon a video featuring someone holding their cat up and having them “dance” to music, where someone is trying to get a reaction out of their cat if they poke them or say something in a different voice, scaring pets intentionally, or even all the videos of cucumbers behind cats.

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The Best Thing I Bought My Cat

I'm not sure why Peach started to go up on our counters this week, but each time she was up there, her actions were reinforced, either by the reward of licking the dirty dishes, or the enrichment of playing with the miscellaneous objects on our counters. As the week progressed, the counter surfing became more and more frequent. We'd been busy this week and didn't have much time for training, but at the first opportunity we had, we brainstormed what we could do to stop this. One thing kept coming to the top of my mind…

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Is Training a Cat Easier Than Herding Them?

It is considered normal, if not required to train a new puppy or dog. Obedience classes, private sessions, dog sports, and help with behavioral problems are all common services for dogs. A quick google search will reveal plenty of results of dog trainers in your area.

So, why isn’t this the case with cats?

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