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Gambling With Your Cat's Behavior: Solving Annoying Cat Behaviors

Are your training inconsistencies making your cats negative behaviors stronger? Short answer is yes. Cats are incredibly intelligent. They receive sensory input constantly and they make a decision on how to act on it. Your cat will learn that the behaviors they do, make you respond in a certain way. We do this as well. It’s a very subtle process and you may not even notice that it’s taking place.

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Is Training a Cat Easier Than Herding Them?

It is considered normal, if not required to train a new puppy or dog. Obedience classes, private sessions, dog sports, and help with behavioral problems are all common services for dogs. A quick google search will reveal plenty of results of dog trainers in your area.

So, why isn’t this the case with cats?

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SOS! Emergency Preparedness for Cats

Nobody plans to have an emergency, but everyone should plan for emergencies. This is especially true if a cat is part of your family. Cats can be difficult to deal with in crisis scenarios, so you should do your best to prepare for the worst. Here are several steps that you can take to give your cat the best chance possible to stay safe and sound in the event of an emergency.

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