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Sleek, Modern, Vertical Cat Enrichment

As you all know by now, I cannot get enough of fun enrichment ideas for cats! In this article, I’m presenting an awesome idea for vertical spaces for cats. Before I get ahead of myself, I will let our guest do the talking! We interviewed Aaron Feldman, CEO and lead designer of CatScapes. This company providing a new way to make the most out of cat shelving installations. Here’s what Aaron had to say!

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Keeping Your Raw Fed Cat Busy

When cats are bored, they try to find their own fun. There are different ways to combat feline boredom. The cat’s undesirable behaviors can help you choose which type enrichment they need. Many of the enrichment products and techniques are catered towards kibble fed cats, so I will be giving tips for how to swap out processed foods and treats for more natural options.

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Water Works: 5 Summer Games for Your Cat

Some cats are content to drink out of a bowl, but others prefer running water or even your drink! You may also notice that your cat is bored and sulking around or the total opposite bouncing off the walls when it gets hot outside. Water games can help that! These games offer excellent enrichment opportunities to your cat and engage multiple senses.

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